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Why you should love your body

Posted by on January 17, 2014

This infographic of what the ‘perfect woman’ and ‘perfect man’ supposedly look like is pretty alarming. The results of these mashed up celebrity faces quite frankly look like zombie waxworks from some post-apocalyptic horror film set in Madame Tussauds.

Why does such a survey even exist? The shameless origin of it is in fact a cosmetic surgery website! So the results of this survey exist purely to reinforce every negative, shallow and vacuous stereotype of what’s attractive and to remind us all that if we just install a ski jump on our nose, inflate a new pair of breasts, vacuum out some fat from our thighs, stomach and arms, pop a chin implant in, inject some collagen into our lips and paralyse the top halves of our faces with some Botox then we’ll find that elusive magic bullet and be happy.

Well it worked so well for Anna Nicole Smith, Lola Ferrari and Michael Jackson didn’t it?

The Image of Perfection

Infographic by

It’s a telling tale of the modern air brushed western world we live in when despite the recession plastic surgery is on the rise.

Sadly, flicking through HEAT magazine, observing the new breed of fake-tanned reality-show celeb and looking around at the teenage girls unable to open their eyes from the sheer weight of their eyelash extensions or struggling to text with their acrylic diamanté encrusted talons, it’s clear we probably just don’t love ourselves enough. We end up on a never-ending and unfulfilling search for perfection or reinvention, which just doesn’t exist.

It got me thinking about why we should try to love our bodies just the way they are without putting them under the knife unnecessarily. We only get one body and just think of what it does for us.

Continually rejuvenating itself after our over-indulgences, illnesses and injuries. Keeping us fuelled and ticking over even when deprived of sleep. Warning us to slow down and get some rest. Filtering through the stress we put ourselves under every day. Giving us the adrenaline we need to accomplish things we never thought we were capable of.

Enabling us to be so immensely mentally and physically resilient. When one part of us fails, other parts of us compensate whether physically or mentally with increased determination or strength. Repeatedly detoxifying our internal systems for us.

Allowing us to taste. To touch. To feel pleasure.

Enabling us to express ourselves, communicate, bond and show love with different parts of ourselves. Letting us see, hear and smell the natural world all around us.

Cushioning us from blows and falls. Healing when we bruise and bleed. Providing us with an inbuilt comfy seat to sit on.

Empowering us to reproduce. Enabling us to feed and nurture our children.

Giving us the freedom to breathe. To feel. To dream. To do. To think. To be.

What happened to finding somebody’s subtle imperfections attractive anyway? Or falling for the little things that make each of us so unique? That’s  real. The ‘perfect man’ and the ‘perfect woman’ don’t exist. Perfect just wouldn’t be perfect as it would be so bland wouldn’t it? Cherylina Colie or Bey-ashian wannabes can kiss my imperfect butt ‘cos my seat must be in first class as my inbuilt cushion looks soooo much bigger and more goddamn comfy than theirs.